Ready to Start Getting Paid For Micro-Tasking?

Complete this Simple 2 Step Process


Step 1

Complete a simple micro-test. When you click the button below, you will be presented with a very simple test that will take only a minute or two. After you complete the task successfully, you will be taken to the Step 2.


Why Do I Need to Take  Micro-Test?

There are TWO reasons we need you to complete the simple micro-test to qualify for CDN Membership:

  1. We need to know that you can follow the  simple on-screen instructions such as filling out a form, clicking a button and navigating the web.
  2. We also need to know that you are a real person 18 or over.  No robots allowed here 🙂  By taking the test, you will verify that you are human.


Is the Micro-Test Difficult?

No. Not at all. Most people find it fun to do. It will only take 1 or 2 minutes and there is only one task to complete. You will need to click or tap a button from a list of options.  There is no wrong answer. You will also need to submit a working email address.


What Happens After I Complete the Micro-Test?

After you complete the simple Micro-Test, you will be taken to Step 2 where you will create a username and password for your CDN Members Only access.

The CDN Members Area is where you will have access to thousand of micro-task and micro-job opportunties - along with video training and resources for maximizing your earnings.

BONUS:  The Micro-Test also includes special promotions and offers.  You may win a free gift, cash prize, gift card or other incentives just for completing the task!

What If I Don't Complete the Micro-Test?

No problem. You can always try again by coming back to our website.



No.  Signing up with CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) is 100% FREE and all of the research organizations we recommend are FREE to join as well.   There is no cost to be a Micro-Task worker.

Do I Need Special Skills?

Most micro-tasks require no special skills. If you can surf the web, access websites, watch videos, make comments, follow simple instructions and basically use your computer or mobile device, you will be able to perform micro-tasks. 

If you do have special skills or experience, some research firms will pay more for your expertise. It depends on their policies. 

Is this Opportunity Available Outside of the US?

In some cases, you an do micro-tasks from almost anywhere in the world.  Some companies are limited to US and Canada only, but they will tell you that in the sign up process. 

What is the CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership?

The CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership is free to join and gives you access to tens of thousands of micro-task and micro-job offers from over 30 research organizations. You will also find tips and helpful information in the members area to maximize your micro-work earnings.

Additionally, your free membership entitles you to the CDN newsletter with more information, special offers and helpful resources for home workers and micro-job opportunities.