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33 Companies Want to Pay You
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What is a Micro-Task?

A Micro-Task is just what it sounds like...a small task. Sometimes they are called Micro-Jobs because they are simple little jobs you can perform online with your phone, PC, tablet  or laptop. When you complete a Micro-Task, you get paid


What Kind of Tasks Would I Be Doing?

A Micro-Task can be any number of simple online activities - many of which you are already doing. Micro-Tasks include things like:

- Watching a Video
- Liking a FaceBook Post
- Reading a Blog Article
- Commenting on a Social Media Post
- Downloading an App
- Playing a Game
- Subscribing to a YouTube Channel
- Answering a Survey
- Filling Out a Questionaire
- Offering Your Opinion About a Product
- Completing a Quiz
- Evaluating a New Website
...and Many More Simple Online Tasks

How Much Can I Make Doing Micro-Tasks?
It depends on the task, the organization's needs and how many tasks you decide to do. Some earn a few dollars for a few minutes and others can earn hundreds of dollars for more complex tasks.


Why Would Someone Pay Me for Simple Online Tasks?
They need data...and lots of it.  Millions of dollars are paid out to average people for performing simple micro-tasks online because research companies NEED to know what you think, what you like and what you don't like so they will know how to sell their products and services to the public.


How Can I Find Out More and Start Earning Money for Micro-Tasks?
Just join CDN!  Your CDN Membership is FREE and gives you access to the Members Only Directory of more than 30 providers with tens of thousands of that micro-tasks, surveys, questionaires and other online activities they are willing to pay you for.




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No.  Signing up with CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) is 100% FREE and all of the research organizations we recommend are FREE to join as well.   There is no cost to be a Micro-Task worker.

Do I Need Special Skills?

Most micro-tasks require no special skills. If you can surf the web, access websites, watch videos, make comments, follow simple instructions and basically use your computer or mobile device, you will be able to perform micro-tasks. 

If you do have special skills or experience, some research firms will pay more for your expertise. It depends on their policies. 

Is this Opportunity Available Outside of the US?

In some cases, you an do micro-tasks from almost anywhere in the world.  Some companies are limited to US and Canada only, but they will tell you that in the sign up process. 

What is the CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership?

The CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership is free to join and gives you access to tens of thousands of micro-task and micro-job offers from over 30 research organizations. You will also find tips and helpful information in the members area to maximize your micro-work earnings.

Additionally, your free membership entitles you to the CDN newsletter with more information, special offers and helpful resources for home workers and micro-job opportunities. 


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