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How to Avoid Scams While Shopping Online for Bargains

by Belinda McCartney - Staff Writer for Consumer Data Network

As the prevalence of online shopping continues to rise, so does the frequency of online scams. Fraudsters have become increasingly inventive and sophisticated in their methods, making it challenging to detect their illicit activities. To protect oneself from being deceived while shopping online for deals, it is vital to remain alert and take necessary precautions. This article aims to provide you with some advice on how to avoid online scams while shopping for bargains.

Opt for trustworthy websites The primary and most critical measure to avoid online scams is to shop from reputable websites. Choose established sites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target, which have a history of being secure and reliable. Avoid sites that are unfamiliar or those offering seemingly unrealistic bargains. Such sites are frequently created by scammers to obtain your personal and financial data.

"Look for a padlock symbol in the address bar or an address that begins with “https.” This indicates that the website is secure..."


Be wary of phishing emails Phishing emails are fraudulent emails that appear to be from a legitimate source but are, in fact, from scammers. These emails often request personal or financial information, such as passwords or credit card numbers. If you receive an email that appears suspicious, do not click on any links or provide any information. Instead, contact the company directly to verify the email’s authenticity.

Verify website security Before providing any personal or financial information, check the website’s security. Look for a padlock symbol in the address bar or an address that begins with “https.” This indicates that the website is secure, and your information will be encrypted. If the site lacks these security features, do not divulge your information.

Use credit cards instead of debit cards Using a credit card instead of a debit card or bank transfer can provide additional protection against scams. Credit card companies provide fraud protection and will investigate any unauthorized transactions. If you notice any suspicious activity on your credit card, contact your credit card company immediately.

Read reviews Before making a purchase, read reviews from other customers. This can assist you in determining whether the website is trustworthy and if the product is of good quality. Be cautious of sites that have exclusively positive reviews or no reviews at all.

Do not be fooled by “free” offers Scammers often employ “free” offers as a bait to entice people to divulge their personal or financial information. Be cautious of any offers that appear too good to be true, such as free vacations or gift cards. Such offers frequently require you to provide personal information or pay a fee to receive the “free” item.

Keep your software up to date Ensure that your computer’s antivirus software and operating system are up to date. This can help protect you from viruses and malware that scammers may use to steal your information.

While online shopping may be a convenient way to save money, it is essential to remain vigilant and safeguard yourself from scams. By following these suggestions, you can shop online with confidence and avoid falling prey to scammers.

What is Micro-Tasking and How Can You Earn Money With It?

Market research companies want to know your opinions about various products and services so they can improve their offers to the public.

Your CDN Membership connects you with various organizations that offer compensation for your participation in surveys and other data collecting techniques. We call these activities micro-tasks because they are usually short, simple and easy to do.

When you complete a micro-task (e.g.: a survey), you will be compensated with rewards, which may include cash, points rewards and/or prizes.  

Here Are the Top 14 Companies that will Pay You to Micro-Task


Grab Points

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With this company, you earn points that can be traded for rewards like cash and gift cards from Amazon, Groupon, PlayStation, Fandango and hundreds more in their Reward Shop.

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Zoom Bucks

Make money by just watching TV, taking surveys, completing offers and more.

With this company, you earn points that can be traded for rewards like cash and gift cards from iTunes, Netflix, PlayStation, Walmart and hundreds more.

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SJ Pulse

Influence brands by sharing your opinions and behaviors to help build a world with better products and services.

The SJ community shares feedback with brands in exchange for rewards such as cash, gift cards, and more. Members also have the opportunity to earn monthly rewards and access to exclusive surveys by using our desktop app, SJ Pulse.

Using your personalized profile, they match you to surveys for brand products and services relevant to you and your interests. Then, if you install their desktop app, SJ Pulse, you can also give brands feedback via your digital behaviors.

Payments made by gift cards, PayPal and check.

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Real Surveys that Pay

Real cash for your opinions.

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Surveys on many interesting topics. Time estimates are shown up front so you can decide which tasks you want. See at a glance how much you can earn from each survey.

They partner with Harris Polls and other leading researchers.  Earn by receiving gift cards, PayPal, or by having a check sent to you.

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Make Survey Money

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Make Survey Money offers traditional surveys from companies to daily surveys and cash for trying out free offers. You can set your own monthly earning goals from easy to more challenging paycheck goals.  Payments can be made to you by gift card, PayPal or check.

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Opinion Inn

Join now and get a $10 sign up bonus.

With Opinion Inn, users earn money by completing surveys. Each survey will lets you earn money which gets credited to your Opinion Inn account. You can redeem the money through PayPal once you reach the minimum redeem limit of $25.

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Inbox Dollars

Get a $5 Bonus for signing up.

Most of these online surveys pay from $0.50 to $5.00 and take 3 minutes to 25 minutes to complete. There are some online surveys that pay $10, $20, or even more if you match the demographic profile they are looking for. 

You can also earn cashback while you shop online, and get free samples and discounts from top brands.

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Survey Voices

Make money sharing your opinion. It's that simple.

The most dedicated PAID SURVEY company that matches you with
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Pinecone Research

When you become a member of Pinecone Research, you have the opportunity to evaluate products before they hit the shelf.  Earn $3 per survey.

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Top Surveys Today

This organization claims you can earn up to $450 per day. 

When you join this community, they provide you with access to surveys, product samples, coupons, offers, specials, deals, contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, and other similar offers.   Rewards can be cash and free products.

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Prime Opinion

Sign Up and get up to $5 free bonus.

From your shopping habits to your political thoughts, your favorite brands to the football team you support, your opinions are valuable, and businesses are willing to pay for them. Prime Opinions connects you with thoise opportunities.

Get paid via PayPal, Venmo or choose from from hundreds of different Gift Cards.

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Survey Soda

SurveySoda is a free subscription that provides you with updates to the latest survey offers.  begin by letting us sniff out qualified survey panels for you and tracking down opportunities that can potentially make your life better.  Once you subscribe, they will begin to look for qualified survey panels for you and track down opportunities that can potentially make your life better.

Refreshingly fun and interesting surveys. Earn rewards, including cash and prizes, for your opinions.

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Paid Survey Pro

Paid Survey Pro claims you can earn up to $500 for taking a short survey.  

Earn cash and rewards for taking surveys.

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Sprout Gigs

SproutGigs is an online marketplace that connects freelancers and business owners around the world with easy-to-do tasks.

Since this service is available in 250+ different countries & territories, you can perform paid-for micro-tasks from almost anywhere in the world.

Whike SproutGigs offers a "Fiverr-like" marketplace for buying and selling services, it also has a category for Micro-Jobs that are simple-to-do tasks that can be completed for payment.

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