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The Consumer Data Network  directory includes companies that are comprised of research organizations. These businesses  collect marketing data for their clients who range from small businesses and mom-and-pop start-ups to large corporations like Amazon, Coca-Cola, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Kelloggs, Shell Oil, Loreal, Nestle, Pepsico, etc.

To collect accurate data for their clients, they need people like you. 

That's why they are willing to pay you for small, simple activities called micro-tasks, that include taking surveys, offering opinions, surfing the web, etc.  They depend on your answers, responses and online activity to gain those data points for their research.

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Customers are the core of every brand. When businesses want to expand, they must understand their customers completely. Acquiring this knowledge is best done through consumer or customer research.

Consumer Data Network is about bringing accurate data from true grassroots sources - people who buy, use and enagage with those brands products and services.

CDN connects real consumers with opportunities to express opinions, add comentary and provide real-world data for organizations looking to expand their brand image. CDN does this while providing resources for consumers to gain fair compensation for their input by connecting them with perfomance-based surveys, social media engagement and other micro-tasks offered by businesses around the globe.



No.  Signing up with CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) is 100% FREE and all of the research organizations we recommend are FREE to join as well.   There is no cost to be a Micro-Task worker.

Do I Need Special Skills?

Most micro-tasks require no special skills. If you can surf the web, access websites, watch videos, make comments, follow simple instructions and basically use your computer or mobile device, you will be able to perform micro-tasks. 

If you do have special skills or experience, some research firms will pay more for your expertise. It depends on their policies. 

Is this Opportunity Available Outside of the US?

In some cases, you an do micro-tasks from almost anywhere in the world.  Some companies are limited to US and Canada only, but they will tell you that in the sign up process. 

What is the CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership?

The CONSUMER DATA NETWORK (CDN) Membership is free to join and gives you access to tens of thousands of micro-task and micro-job offers from over 30 research organizations. You will also find tips and helpful information in the members area to maximize your micro-work earnings.

Additionally, your free membership entitles you to the CDN newsletter with more information, special offers and helpful resources for home workers and micro-job opportunities. 


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